When I was a kid th…

When I was a kid the only type of grapefruit that I encountered was the pink grapefruit. I now know them to be the “pink” ones. But back then since they were simply labeled as “grapefruit” I thought the grapefruit didn’t exist in any other form… I remember tasting strong bitterness and nothing else and sprinkling sugar added only artificial sweetness. On top of that the process of eating the fruit involved too much physical labor. So it was something that I rare ate… Fast forward to recent weeks I came across Melogold yellow (also referred as white) and deep red grapefruits at a local grocery store. Due to my current interest in food and cooking I bought them out of pure curiosity. The only expectation I had was that there would be bitterness. Much to my surprise I was caught off guard by the level of natural sweetness along with complex flavor and aroma. So I got a hold of some pink grapefruits thinking “maybe I had it wrong all these time.” Well no. It still had lingering bitterness but I found myself appreciating it as a uniqueness… Of the four I am drawn to the Melogold and the deep red for their balance of sweet bitter and tangy flavors. The white/yellow grapefruit had the best aroma – a vibrant blend of citrus and sweetness. I still do think it is a lot of work to eat a grapefruit but now I feel it’s worth it.

Anyone else recently found an appreciation for something you didn’t like to eat before?

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